NSSA Online Registration

There are several new twists involved in having Internet Championships (iShoots) and registration is one of the first.
To start the process, choose the club where you would like to compete from the drop-down menu below and click the "Register Now" Button.

I have intentionally tried to make this as simple as possible and still gather the most information.  If you have any problems with this application please contact me at: ByEmail and try to give me some specifics as to when the breakdown occurred.  If all else fails give me a call at 662.324.5353 and I will do my best to correct the problem immediately.

Clark Hartness


February 16, 2021 Registraion is ready for the swap over to new clubs. The new Zone 7 clubs are available. Currently registered shooters have priority.

The process will allow you to change clubs or withdraw and request your refund. This process is Single Shooter only, if you need to move an entire squad or need other assistance, please contact ISAdmin via Clark.Hartness@iShoots.Org to move the entire squad.

To start the processes go to https://nssausopen.com/isreg21 and click the "Registration Modification" link.

On February 3, 2021 the Kolar US Open team was contacted by a California Club with an interest in also adding into the 2021 Open. Some due diligence is immediately being done on this request and this site will be updated.

On February 15, 2021 preregistration will re-open for Shooters who are registered. New registration verification emails will be sent containing a link directing shooters to their current registrations. Current shooters who need or wish to move to another host club should choose that option now while they have priority.

It is preferred that all Host Club changes be submitted online at NSSAUSOPEN.com.  All current preregistrations will retain their original time-stamp by date of receipt and will be acknowledged by return email to the Squad POC who made the original request.

On February 22, 2021, preregistration will re-open for all shooters, including those shooters who previously registered and chose to transfer or refund their deposits, at all host clubs with space available. At this time any host club may be chosen as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice.

All decisions and processes will be posted at https://nssausopen.com and distributed to all pre-registered shooters via their valid NSSA email address. Squad POCs are asked to communicate these processes with shooters on their squad who do not have a valid NSSA email address. If your email address on file with NSSA is incorrect and you wish to correct it, please contact ISAdmin via Clark.Hartness@iShoots.Org


Total Shooters = 885
Total Cancelled Shooters = 4
Total Duplicate Shooters = 0
Total Event 1 Shooters = 885
Total Event 2 Shooters = 874
Total Event 3 Shooters = 868
Total Event 4 Shooters = 859
Total Event 5 Shooters = 777
Total 30 Amp RV = 53
Total 50 Amp RV = 95

View By Clubs:

Club RegistrationsNumber of Club ShootersMaximum ShootersWait List
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Tucson Trap & Skeet Club13550
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Blue Rock Sportsman Club11910514
Inaugural Kolar US Open, United Sportsmen Incorporated42402
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Jacksonville Clay Target Sports691500
Inaugural Kolar US Open, ST Joe Valley Conservation Club1321500
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Salisbury Gun Club63750
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Lincoln Trap & Skeet74750
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Chaparral Skeet Club7400
Inaugural Kolar US Open, 3 F Conservation Society23900
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Fort Bragg Clay Target Center781500
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Shenecoy Sportsman Club991500
Inaugural Kolar US Open, National Shooting Complex851500
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Seattle Skeet & Trap Club5400
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Sauk Prairie Trap & Skeet611050
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports4400
Inaugural Kolar US Open, Big Hollow Shooting Complex11200
Total Event Shooters8851435 

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Alphabetical by Last Name 882 Shooters
NSSAFirst NameLast NameRVClub
258718JosephAdams Concord
152007GaryAntunano Concord
305232SteveBalma Concord
143647JohnBenson Concord
228890JackBernardi Concord
282586IdaBrown Concord
128692JackCampbell Concord
271952WalterCheng Concord
276517WilliamCheng Concord
308176DishonDancy Concord
145428RichardDouglas Concord
242439MilesEisentraut Concord
143218RobertEnnes Concord
279939ThomasFester Concord
296136LeeGuess Concord
369363AngelikaGullette Concord
308214SeamusHodgin Concord
272441JoshuaJohn Concord
139944MickeyKennedy Concord
232215PETERLLAMA Concord
307292JonathanMarquez Concord
226607GreggMorse Concord
234587VicParachini Concord
292245TaisPerunova Concord
245260MattRittmann Concord
304313DenysRivas Concord
302276ROCKYROMO Concord
317024nathansappington Concord
166735TerrySeymour Concord
258209WayneTooker Concord
301123BILLVENCILL Concord
309314JasonVigil Concord
296393CraigWilliamson Concord
278588RobertYoung Concord
264448SheridanYoung Concord
305664NathenBackherms Heber City
289412AndreaBeyer Heber City
154249MikeDawson50Heber City
232935MatthewGoodrich Heber City
250249AndrewGould Heber City
244695WayneGould Heber City
125296RobertHicks Heber City
293890JonMcKeon Heber City
278017BrentPetersen Heber City
293411RaymondPionessa Heber City
113243CarlSchlicht50Heber City
105937RalphAaron Jacksonville
126063MarkBeaudoin Jacksonville
308480JayceeBeckham Jacksonville
89771BrianBierwagen Jacksonville
98707SueBogardus  Jacksonville
94908JackBogardus  Jacksonville
94900Tod Bowman50Jacksonville
265648AlisonBoyette Jacksonville
298399PaulBragg III Jacksonville
144991JoseChaar Jacksonville
116136HowardChin Jacksonville
160282LUISCRESPO Jacksonville
160452CARLOSCRESPO Jacksonville
54065MarkDavid Jacksonville
137441Joseph DeSalvo Jacksonville
281883CharlesFinch Jacksonville
141333Tripp Foy50Jacksonville
294304Markgiampietro Jacksonville
124513GaryGorrell Jacksonville
140474DavidHamilton Jacksonville
145978PiaHemeyer Jacksonville
170218FABIANHOLLIS Jacksonville
160168SteveJohnstone Jacksonville
268382BillKopf Jacksonville
275696RICHKorbas Jacksonville
139095ClintKreuser Jacksonville
160124JIMLINDELL Jacksonville
247456ALFREDOMATOS Jacksonville
96015DavidMcClave Jacksonville
252382ShannonMiles Jacksonville
252383ThomasMiles Jacksonville
277642Beth-AnneMiles Jacksonville
263254FRANCISCO MONTAƑEZ  Jacksonville
149702KevinMonteleone Jacksonville
276756RamonMorales Jacksonville
244805RussellNaples Jacksonville
113226LaurencePatrusevich Jacksonville
235983Melissa Petitjean Jacksonville
247013EDRICKPOMALES Jacksonville
288912HarveyReeves Jacksonville
139288RoyRuddle Jacksonville
122934Joe Solsona Jacksonville
693827BrockSouthwick Jacksonville
292997Peyton Strickland Jacksonville
694044WilliamThomas Jacksonville
170669Clay Thomasson30Jacksonville
270254WilliamThompson Jacksonville
228747JasonTresslar Jacksonville
108461AdrianTroy Jacksonville
292980Dennis Ward50Jacksonville
162372AndreWilliams Jacksonville
132838BillWilson Jacksonville
287881MelvinYanda Jacksonville
190961brockhammond Las Cruces
114645JohnMoen Las Cruces
317025BarryPapke Las Cruces
311282TylerSmelker Las Cruces
140416Troy Adams Lincoln
154305JimAhlstedt Lincoln
163994BrendanAppel Lincoln
280420JohnArnold Lincoln
157291GaryBailey Lincoln
136928DannyBelohlavy Lincoln
302359EmersynBerck Lincoln
308862AshlynBerck Lincoln
302515DavidBerck Lincoln
124895William Boulden Lincoln
159736KeithBrace Lincoln
246671DougCarper Lincoln
248759JerryChambers Lincoln
144963AdamClassen Lincoln
126404JerryClassen Lincoln
272663JestynneCrankshaw Lincoln
176262kurtdanielson Lincoln
299497NicholasDegenhardt Lincoln
129083FrankDeMarco Lincoln
113821TimDunne Lincoln
172084CLIFFEHLERS Lincoln
154587MichaelEnglund  Lincoln
285278Richard Evaristo Lincoln
131485dalefangmeyer Lincoln
229454BillGarber Lincoln
252393BrentGregurek Lincoln
234152KeithHaley Lincoln
153753donhansen Lincoln
295836SamHeinerikson Lincoln
294762ZachHinze Lincoln
106221RichardHoffman Lincoln
55833FrankHolstein Lincoln
244770SteveHopkins Lincoln
247691EricJensen Lincoln
164740TerryJones Lincoln
150998MardyKemmer Lincoln
62668MichaelKirkland Lincoln
130208ChrisLutz Lincoln
170342KurtMann Lincoln
142477kenmarotti  Lincoln
113455RichMcCubbin Lincoln
135666GordyMcKean Lincoln
153751DaveMeisinger Lincoln
160013DericMeisinger Lincoln
111326James Morgan50Lincoln
158963JeffPedersen Lincoln
286950KatiePetersen Lincoln
117457JosephPierce Lincoln
225585RogerPlooster Lincoln
265146MarkPortz Lincoln
229261RobPredmore Lincoln
90536Gary Richter Lincoln
147213Dave Dean Ricker Lincoln
148796RonRomig Lincoln
238432robertschifferdecker Lincoln
34281davidseidel Lincoln
155341DonavanSerna Lincoln
149282DaveShipferling Lincoln
173039RyanSmithart Lincoln
136930RickStandley Lincoln
291864JohnStrain Lincoln
256124AndrewThorsen Lincoln
259990JacobUphoff Lincoln
153728RoyVeach Lincoln
286952KyleWarnke Lincoln
246059Brain Waterworth Lincoln
283537MasonWeller Lincoln
161995CoryWhitemore Lincoln
290008TristanWillson Lincoln
304819WadeWillson Lincoln
159833CoreyZenon Lincoln
163435KIMZENON Lincoln
295470STEVEZWIENER Lincoln
293107ErnieAnderson McConnellstown
126796SamArmstrong McConnellstown
136402RonaldAusman McConnellstown
155843kevinbodnar McConnellstown
164165NickBoerboon McConnellstown
47557richardbojalad McConnellstown
155333Tim Botwright50McConnellstown
122037EdCall McConnellstown
290419TheresaCall McConnellstown
164082EthanCall McConnellstown
259519JohnClark McConnellstown
122363WilliamCostello McConnellstown
123448JudithCostello McConnellstown
291124Josh Crofutt McConnellstown
127077JohnDavies McConnellstown
279489JoeDiAugustine McConnellstown
285076JerryDotson McConnellstown
298304MarkEckert McConnellstown
298305ColbyEckert McConnellstown
167683Robert F.Eisenhart Jr. McConnellstown
165408ButchEmig McConnellstown
155441DanielFelton McConnellstown
259801CharlesFord McConnellstown
305884BrysonFox McConnellstown
305886BrianFox McConnellstown
114597WarrenFrankenberger McConnellstown
155484J. GEORGEGLEICH McConnellstown
162569AlyssaGormish McConnellstown
292501JeffreyGroh McConnellstown
145799RegisGuckert McConnellstown
164991JackHarshbarger McConnellstown
304985RenoHassinger McConnellstown
78125TimothyHoltz McConnellstown
152665RyanHoltz McConnellstown
59699RoyHoltz McConnellstown
59989JeffHoltz McConnellstown
266042PaulHunt McConnellstown
126015EdIsabelle McConnellstown
163222DavidJack McConnellstown
140054Ron Johnson McConnellstown
244885GarrettJordan McConnellstown
155360MarkKenner McConnellstown
140218ChrisKline McConnellstown
281505StevenKling McConnellstown
125901FranKosmacki McConnellstown
49862georgekruth McConnellstown
243709BarneyLaverty McConnellstown
243710LisaLaverty McConnellstown
135438R. DennisLehman McConnellstown
117634JackMakdad McConnellstown
246229AlexMamourian McConnellstown
275103JerryMcCullough McConnellstown
290559JosephMcGarvey McConnellstown
290558VanceMcLaughlin McConnellstown
140109DebraMeade McConnellstown
263055MichaelMoats McConnellstown
153211GARYNACE McConnellstown
259463Mark Postlewait McConnellstown
301582mikeralich McConnellstown
245548KennyRiddile McConnellstown
292564MikeRykaczewski McConnellstown
292563MikeRykaczewski Sr. McConnellstown
149077LINDASANDERS McConnellstown
229650MATTHEWSANDERS McConnellstown
87676MarkSaussure McConnellstown
295624AllisonShaffer McConnellstown
157681HarrySimonovich McConnellstown
157237Dale Snow McConnellstown
233764KeithSnow McConnellstown
276961TraceySnyder McConnellstown
277154MatthewSnyder McConnellstown
150724CrystalStoddard McConnellstown
117090JohnStough McConnellstown
132457BillStraub McConnellstown
144757MarkStrickland McConnellstown
305645BryceSummers McConnellstown
146223SusanThompson McConnellstown
149837GaryTrilli McConnellstown
162921MeredithTunick-Kling McConnellstown
296396TimVescovi McConnellstown
151974MichaelVescovi McConnellstown
102569JoeVescovi McConnellstown
79104MaryVescovi McConnellstown
251719AdamVolmer McConnellstown
297370BobWaite McConnellstown
227902TonyWatson McConnellstown
264870GregoryWnek McConnellstown
262847MikeWollard McConnellstown
139524JeffreyWright McConnellstown
143918MichaelZavasky McConnellstown
274974DavisZeigler McConnellstown
283556DaniZeigler McConnellstown
125142JimAdams30North Little Rock
168000RobArmstrong North Little Rock
266600ColtonBack North Little Rock
144636ClayBaldwin North Little Rock
270345MikeBeard50North Little Rock
155141JimboBearden North Little Rock
148841DougBelt North Little Rock
44642T D Berks North Little Rock
158461WayneBlack North Little Rock
154325RonaldBlalock North Little Rock
153819BobbyBlalock North Little Rock
228182CaileBradham North Little Rock
261988CharlesBurge50North Little Rock
259884LaurenBurge North Little Rock
64894Bill Burke North Little Rock
154326DennisBurnes North Little Rock
172826DENNISBURNHAM North Little Rock Waitlisted
270934MichaelBurrell30North Little Rock
172366BrandonCade North Little Rock
88090FranklinCallahan North Little Rock
145754MarieCallahan North Little Rock
257720BrianCarter North Little Rock
131340DavidChancellor North Little Rock
248352JohnCherry North Little Rock
140141PaulClayton North Little Rock
295250DaleCollins North Little Rock
123430RickCorneliusen North Little Rock
64442JimCostin50North Little Rock
134069SueCOSTIN North Little Rock
74175DavidCudia North Little Rock
129677WhitneyDamron North Little Rock
122955MichaelDeAngelo North Little Rock
246067HustonDeshotel North Little Rock
100612BoEchols50North Little Rock
231629GaryEdwards50North Little Rock
149330BradFelton North Little Rock
109364JimFinch North Little Rock
155564RickFoster North Little Rock
167631MikeGalloway North Little Rock Waitlisted
147571PaulGiambrone III North Little Rock
233556MicahGibbons North Little Rock
269435NicholasGodfrey North Little Rock
149300DavidGollott North Little Rock Waitlisted
246091CarolGoodart North Little Rock
138513BradGoodart50North Little Rock
154790TroyGordon North Little Rock
166105GaryGreenhaw North Little Rock
131411GeorgeGuerrero North Little Rock
231055JoshuaGuess North Little Rock
157120RonGutherie North Little Rock
172479RaymondHaik North Little Rock Waitlisted
153885DavidHebert North Little Rock
68646KevinHess North Little Rock
138188DOYLEHIGGINS North Little Rock
287055BrianHill North Little Rock
287056EthanHill North Little Rock
298943CadeHolland North Little Rock
96481Winters (Ed)Hope North Little Rock
163962JohnHowell North Little Rock
165886RyanHowell North Little Rock
164070JamesHowey North Little Rock Waitlisted
136423RustyHyde North Little Rock
97483RichardKarstetter North Little Rock
162407WayneKidd50North Little Rock
163476Charlie Koch North Little Rock
142367SteveKrebs North Little Rock
131732JamesLadd North Little Rock
240054David Lamb  North Little Rock
141542VanLewis North Little Rock
102720RobertLindley North Little Rock
172824BobbyLord North Little Rock
140067DouglasMankey North Little Rock
290790MarkMassey North Little Rock
147170GaryMatthews50North Little Rock
150533HalMatthews50North Little Rock
144292BuckMatthews North Little Rock
148840ReynoldsMcCain50North Little Rock
154977KaroylMcCain North Little Rock
276147WillMcKeon North Little Rock Waitlisted
302312MaceMcmonigle North Little Rock
259133EaslinMoore North Little Rock
289220JACOBMOORE North Little Rock Waitlisted
95069Tommymoore North Little Rock Waitlisted
166351DerickMorgan30North Little Rock
297626AmeliaMorgan50North Little Rock
147944PaulNewman North Little Rock
153404AlanNewton North Little Rock
171381LARRYOXFORD North Little Rock
163493Lindsay Plesko North Little Rock
155910HankPollard North Little Rock
230247Dirk Proffer North Little Rock
169351RichardPyle North Little Rock
159351Tommy Reedy North Little Rock
285049AllyRobinson  North Little Rock Waitlisted
257414Robert Robinson  North Little Rock Waitlisted
269889WESRODDIE50North Little Rock
277826GARRETTRODDIE North Little Rock Waitlisted
294547CarterRoyston North Little Rock
173076StevenSanders North Little Rock
165087TomSelley North Little Rock
170921CodySergeant North Little Rock
161722HaroldSmith North Little Rock
129442Oak Smith North Little Rock
142546KeithSpivey North Little Rock
278599MerrilStanfield North Little Rock
303696MarlaStanfield North Little Rock
280014CaseyStanfield50North Little Rock
258208SheafferStanfill50North Little Rock
150193BillySuggs North Little Rock
156553JeffSullivan North Little Rock
284384JacksonTaylor North Little Rock
240599MattTyrone North Little Rock
227550Carl DougWalker North Little Rock Waitlisted
276651HannahWalthall North Little Rock
157378walterwilliams50North Little Rock
104110EddieWilson North Little Rock
249168MARKWINDHAM North Little Rock
232869KenWright North Little Rock
237910Jacob Young North Little Rock
282825Alexander Adamo Parsonsburg
287032EdwardAdkins Parsonsburg
282788AaronAmick Parsonsburg
97928MichaelBarnett Parsonsburg
153542ScottBriell Parsonsburg
51734KennethBrown Parsonsburg
127558NormanBunting Parsonsburg
164290StephenCamarata Parsonsburg
299501Alexander Catalano Parsonsburg
232432BobCavagna Parsonsburg
163179DanCimbora Parsonsburg
114048JohnDaubenschmidt Parsonsburg
287566TraceDavis Parsonsburg
276399JeremyDvorak Parsonsburg
156086CarolEbeling Parsonsburg
192949JamesEsham Parsonsburg
111825ChadEverett Parsonsburg
294482TomFowler Parsonsburg
185913LonnieFriedel Parsonsburg
119960RichardGarre Parsonsburg
170913MarkGay Parsonsburg
237986richiegolabieski Parsonsburg
227652Mike Haff30Parsonsburg
260485RandalHorsley Parsonsburg
219656JerryJones Parsonsburg
304950RickKubiak Parsonsburg
249884NoleLiscum Parsonsburg
255265JonathanMyrick Parsonsburg
278101DavidOuten Parsonsburg
147513DanPardoe Parsonsburg
170639j markpolek Parsonsburg
254590RobertRayne Parsonsburg
304596JacobRuark Parsonsburg
304597EthanRuark Parsonsburg
229706EdSchifflet Parsonsburg
247163Roy Singletary Parsonsburg
117710danielsolow Parsonsburg
123718MichaelStasio Parsonsburg
90420JohnSwidrak Parsonsburg
157491MadjTavakoli Parsonsburg
146025BillTeti Parsonsburg
149279JoeThorp Parsonsburg
290939MarkThorp Parsonsburg
285268RobertTinder Parsonsburg
304192NormanTrader Parsonsburg
280100GilbertTraore Parsonsburg
304403Daniel Truitt Parsonsburg
110320BRIANVESS Parsonsburg
151117KEITHVESS Parsonsburg
129169AlessandroVitale Parsonsburg
90191BillWalmsley Parsonsburg
290347Steve Walston Parsonsburg
239003JosephWeinbrecht Parsonsburg
235408JohnWells jr Parsonsburg
100230PaulWhite Parsonsburg
270855AlanWhiting Parsonsburg
108925DavidWolf Parsonsburg
225406JustinFisher Ravensdale
82988BillFisher Ravensdale
87779BruceJones Ravensdale
256122MichelleThurman Ravensdale
256121SteveThurman Ravensdale
692648RichWasserman Ravensdale
150143ChristopherCobb Roswell
135578AlanCrowder Roswell
303452ShaneManick Roswell
239361JosephMcCormick Roswell
155671LukeMorgan Roswell
132245DarrellYens Roswell
276158KathrynAllen San Antonio
278817BradAllen San Antonio
247050RachelBarringer San Antonio
255705Melissa Barringer San Antonio
130629RodneyBeamsley San Antonio
99930JimBiddle San Antonio
125019larryblount San Antonio
277577DanielBocks San Antonio
59362VanBoerner50San Antonio
240399MarkBorn30San Antonio
290791NicolasBoyd San Antonio
142187GaryBurley50San Antonio
142191BabetteBurley San Antonio
242188Riley Chaddock  San Antonio
251930ToddChaddock  San Antonio
174372Thomas Colvin San Antonio
241531FritzCook San Antonio
245398CraigCook San Antonio
80079DougCoulter50San Antonio
149446LenDennis San Antonio
161611JohnFitzgerald San Antonio
217664MikeFulton San Antonio
307223MikenaFulton San Antonio
78795RichardFunk San Antonio
293418BobGeorge San Antonio
171835MikeGerschick50San Antonio
169291BaileyGlenewinkle San Antonio
141999ClarkHartness San Antonio
138852JohnHaugh San Antonio
138733JohnHenry San Antonio
148333kenHilleman San Antonio
284473DustinHolland San Antonio
146067David Jones San Antonio
267757NathanKerth San Antonio
157697RichardKotzur50San Antonio
318339BaylorLeger50San Antonio
132001mikeleiniinger San Antonio
116589LouLevy San Antonio
150677DonLichtenegger San Antonio
156658JoeMcMillian San Antonio
155721DougMinnig San Antonio
250960MikeMolak San Antonio
124179CliffMoler San Antonio
123392DwightMoore San Antonio
169687ChrisNaler San Antonio
266604TaylorNicosia San Antonio
161287PhilNikel San Antonio
298156CooperOliver San Antonio
269500Hayden Oliver San Antonio
276998MIKEOLSON50San Antonio
282049PERIOLSON San Antonio
272749TERRYOLSON San Antonio
53478MarinaPakis San Antonio
308050HuijuanPang San Antonio
268413BradleyPANG San Antonio
268905ShyueminPANG San Antonio
259899StanPeters San Antonio
173255Josh Poole  San Antonio
156531LaDonRichardson San Antonio
301767DavidRoberts San Antonio
275137InesRodriguez San Antonio
128328ShawnRommel50San Antonio
160446SusanRommel San Antonio
108103DonaldRoot50San Antonio
145851DannySandvig50San Antonio
71906MikeSchmitt50San Antonio
158386CameronSchuster50San Antonio
171119LarryShoemake San Antonio
171731Ronald Shoemake San Antonio
116030BillSinnott San Antonio
274932KeithSparks San Antonio
91714RussellStevens San Antonio
134541MarkTaylor50San Antonio
271278JohnTrant San Antonio
163216BrianTullett San Antonio
165827TinaTullett San Antonio
284379ClintVanderford San Antonio
135885KenWagner San Antonio
158858BeaumontWatkins San Antonio
131950BillyWilliams San Antonio
152677MarkWitt San Antonio
145867DaveWood50San Antonio
299407MarcusAndrade Sauk City
253885RandalBaker Sauk City
156954FredBoston30Sauk City
269109PeterChemello Sauk City
304314MikeCheney30Sauk City
55495JackDean50Sauk City
144865JimDecker Sauk City
243166MikeDelmedico Sauk City
170816JamesDial Sauk City
236845BuddEichner Sauk City
298236SaraFischer Sauk City
172448PaulFredrich Sauk City
102740Rob Gyngard30Sauk City
253548MikeHaas Sauk City
298651CormacHaggerty Sauk City
268453MikeHalbach Sauk City
274501Jarret Hayes  Sauk City
247106BrianHendrickson Sauk City
279713HarryHoppmann Sauk City
219697TomHoulihan Sauk City
139371GregHufnagel Sauk City
282402DanKampa Sauk City
115028DonKelly Sauk City
176640KentKoshkarian Sauk City
142275KurtLehman50Sauk City
242698MarkLittle Sauk City
247967NateLubbers Sauk City
108279JoeMarr Sauk City
73593DavidMcMillen50Sauk City
271018DonMcPherson Sauk City
270350DavidMichaelynn Sauk City
296559JaredMiller Sauk City
268857JimMorris Sauk City
155567FrankNovosel Sauk City
155566JanetNovosel Sauk City
152699TimOlson Sauk City
135720StevePatke Sauk City
166598PatPatke Sauk City
294586TatePeterson Sauk City
98489MikeQuigley Sauk City
171604JohnRauhauser Sauk City
172898RodneyReinier Sauk City
150662BobRick50Sauk City
97869JerryRyan Sauk City
163681AlanSavage Sauk City
289278JoeScandariato Sauk City
118943EdwardSchultz Sauk City
146415TimSpencer Sauk City
296536JustinStaebell Sauk City
252265BillStevens Sauk City
134974jackTans Sauk City
96641DonTesch Sauk City
167010DeonThompson50Sauk City
156296MikeTodsen Sauk City
155767MarkVanderbloomer50Sauk City
289273RandyVaske Sauk City
150798SteveVerbeski30Sauk City
279253HaydenWege Sauk City
124416JohnWilmesher Sauk City
284185MichaelWilson Sauk City
257038BlakeArgo50Spring Lake
299358ShelbyAustin30Spring Lake
300253GarrettBaisey30Spring Lake
311305TimBARBER Spring Lake
169757ChrisBates50Spring Lake
245459RussellBingham30Spring Lake
166306JamesBlocker Spring Lake
258802WilliamBolds30Spring Lake
142037StuartBrown50Spring Lake
140159ChrisBrown Spring Lake
114142RandyBrowning Spring Lake
77286JAYBUNTING Spring Lake
279740CorrieCloninger Spring Lake
297910JosieCloninger Spring Lake
278932JasonCloninger50Spring Lake
134569BruceColclough Spring Lake
163773BobbyCress Spring Lake
305536KurtCulbert Spring Lake
276128WilliamDavis30Spring Lake
169892JeffreyDe Santis30Spring Lake
309049JamesDelosh Spring Lake
276715GeneDill Spring Lake
128281WeaverDonny50Spring Lake
263397Noah Dove50Spring Lake
296128RobertDudley50Spring Lake
129456DoyleEstes Spring Lake
254142JohnFeezor Spring Lake
215131Doug M Foster Spring Lake
162622ScottGraham30Spring Lake
165931J KarlGrimm Spring Lake
274572Larson Harkins Spring Lake
295682roberthicklin50Spring Lake
233353KevinHostinsky50Spring Lake
239738RonHostinsky50Spring Lake
156911GaryJustus50Spring Lake
158410RandyKing30Spring Lake
270034BillKluttz30Spring Lake
141324DonKluttz Spring Lake
150706CharlesLawley50Spring Lake
136204ROBERTLEARY Spring Lake
167389Brian Leazer Spring Lake
281106KarenLloyd Spring Lake
84651davidmaness Spring Lake
144672NeillMcinnis Spring Lake
139021JeffMcnany Spring Lake
141308Wallace Merrit Spring Lake
266387Michael Meyerhoeffer 30Spring Lake
297466Mackenzie Morris  Spring Lake
318012SavannahMorrow30Spring Lake
310286JohnMozingo Spring Lake
239183TomMyaard Spring Lake
141424John BParker Spring Lake
98776DonnieParks Spring Lake
243422JoshParks Spring Lake
228862DavePelham Spring Lake
308517AnneleisePhinney50Spring Lake
242153RobPope Spring Lake
292833MichaelRestall Spring Lake
252397TimothyRiordan Spring Lake
259244PeterRuffin Spring Lake
299990ShaneSelf30Spring Lake
303412Jason Shell50Spring Lake
172008MarkSmith50Spring Lake
232483WaltonStarling50Spring Lake
268448AllenStatham Spring Lake
145351PaulStemac Spring Lake
137297Kevin Suitt Spring Lake
141078SteveTimmons50Spring Lake
119748JimTiner50Spring Lake
303243AddisonWallace30Spring Lake
287710MasonWatkins Spring Lake
166882JoshWayne Spring Lake
306552MarkWest Spring Lake
303391DavidWhipp III30Spring Lake
302316Alaina Whitley30Spring Lake
279624AnnaWood50Spring Lake
134819DanielAdam50ST Joe
259881tonyarena ST Joe
301584JohnArnett ST Joe
246471HyltonBaker ST Joe
162615AaronBenton50ST Joe
117249JimBerg ST Joe
113904ColleenBerg ST Joe
171138AndrewBielman ST Joe
183859FolkeBoman ST Joe
261990SteveBourke ST Joe
137868KevinBowen ST Joe
172221EdwardBowker30ST Joe
137121EdBowker ST Joe
278445JohnBurt ST Joe
278444SteveBurt ST Joe
285224GregCarpenter30ST Joe
143946BruceChristian ST Joe
250784AtticusClark ST Joe
136840KennethCochran ST Joe
301768Scott Crosby ST Joe
276393Jerry Davis ST Joe
146111TomDavis ST Joe
135422RyanDewey ST Joe
258127DylanDick ST Joe
146965BrentEdwards ST Joe
271174TimElliott30ST Joe
163788KenFord ST Joe
277987PatrickFowler ST Joe
127873bengallup ST Joe
88117JamesGast ST Joe
259847JamesGingrich ST Joe
247492ColeGintert ST Joe
241558TodGintert ST Joe
158689StanGorgacz ST Joe
156544JohnGrehan50ST Joe
299992JimmyGrimes ST Joe
203625GeanGrosschedl ST Joe
159734MichaelHarm ST Joe
138540JohnHerkowitz ST Joe
240841GeneHill30ST Joe
264555LoganHowe ST Joe
130403GregoryHuszai ST Joe
119948SusanHuszai ST Joe
164493Larry Israel ST Joe
235492dessivanov ST Joe
116319DennisJameson ST Joe
132270scottjanowski ST Joe
252952JasonJohnson50ST Joe
155710JamesJohnson ST Joe
163186MikeKick ST Joe
97176GerardKlink ST Joe
271163OwenKnight ST Joe
272543JerryKott ST Joe
294174JackKrispin  ST Joe
294175KyleKrispin ST Joe
269105KyleLafountain ST Joe
307970WesleyLafountain ST Joe
245435WesLaipply ST Joe
235916JohnLawson ST Joe
97230AndreaLehr ST Joe
248421BrianLong ST Joe
152328DaveMaas ST Joe
82140AlMagyar50ST Joe
117676TrishMagyar ST Joe
299763KevinMcDonald ST Joe
149229JohnMcGinnis ST Joe
170174DennyMeinert ST Joe
82436MarkMolenaar ST Joe
152507DanMorris ST Joe
301122BrettMyers ST Joe
74820BillNielsen ST Joe
111438JimNierzwick50ST Joe
156458WoodyNiles ST Joe
242381GeraldNovak ST Joe
127728W CParks50ST Joe
109255CraigParsons ST Joe
91642dalepatterson ST Joe
153076TomPavlack50ST Joe
143887DebbiPerry ST Joe
164409Mike Peterson ST Joe
131032Debbie Pickens ST Joe
281879JeffPope ST Joe
737982Alan Popp ST Joe
98360BrucePoyer ST Joe
31102JamesReese ST Joe
152167BryanRogers ST Joe
91219JamesRogers ST Joe
96567VickiRogers ST Joe
263957SeanRosencrantz ST Joe
286898CoryRosencrantz ST Joe
140469Jeff Roussey ST Joe
261896GregSapick ST Joe
157857DavidSchiebel ST Joe
279504MichaelSchlarman ST Joe
77510MichaelSchmidt50ST Joe
135040KenSchmirler ST Joe
284566HannahSchoeblein ST Joe
284567WilfredSchoeplein ST Joe
296668BrianSchoeplein ST Joe
284568NicholasSchoeplein ST Joe
278913RonSimmons ST Joe
240215EdSmith ST Joe
294899WilliamSorensen ST Joe
299131GavinSpaulding ST Joe
271226AlexSpiros ST Joe
143802DuckSprowl30ST Joe
270712GregStalter ST Joe
303078DominicStewart ST Joe
250314MichaelStewart, Jr ST Joe
104744MikeStewart, Sr ST Joe
168078RossSzarenski ST Joe
271629JoelTimmons ST Joe
276284DougTrautman ST Joe
123416RickTrawinski ST Joe
127739Dennis Trice ST Joe
136501FredTschantz ST Joe
150875GlennUlbrich50ST Joe
123106JohnWaters ST Joe
152556TobyWeir ST Joe
287844Blake Wiehe ST Joe
261418DouglasWolfe ST Joe
160635stevewood ST Joe
235091SteveWright ST Joe
302513ZachZellers ST Joe
75316ThomasBarrowman Tucson
277216JoshDeBurger Tucson
169383ParkerDowns Tucson
306667 JonathanFoster Tucson
107610KenFuruta Tucson
317686MichaelHenneke Tucson
127941timothyrobinson Tucson
137364MarcROSEN Tucson
149049MatthewStoll Tucson
302671MarkYarbro Tucson
276292peterbogden Youngstown
301691RonaldCasella Youngstown
134517EdwardCornelius  Youngstown
297689cathrineforbush Youngstown
167991DougGoodman Youngstown
169298BryanJensen Youngstown
146930mikekinsella Youngstown
104085rickylaurito Youngstown
165307donlewandowski Youngstown
229490AlanMac Leod Youngstown
164574DouglasPaddock Youngstown
165395Joan DoylePaddock Youngstown
86946JamesPrior Youngstown
172932DawnSmart Youngstown
302106ClayTietjen Youngstown
147071ScottVan Etten  Youngstown

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