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Welcome to 2021 Inaugural Kolar US Open Q&A, where you can ask questions and receive answers about the new format. Registration may be made either through online Registration or by calling NSSA at 210.688.3371 EXT 269.

2021 Inaugural Kolar US Open


With over half of the 2020 Kolar US Open host clubs in some phase of pandemic lock-down, some of which are not going to end until June 2020, the majority of the host clubs could not support the 815 shooters currently registered across the entire event.

In accordance with the NSSA/NSCA COVID-19 Policy, the NSSA Executive Committee has rescheduled the 2021 Inaugural Kolar US Open to 25-27 June 2021.

For the Inaugural Kolar deposits there will be three options available.

  1. The preferred option, if you are currently registered and willing to do so, leave your deposit in place for 2021. This will guarantee your current position in the registration process and confirm you will still be shooting at the host club you are currently registered to compete. This option will also save NSSA the loss of fees and process costs to refund the deposit. Early on the NSSA made the decision to absorb these up front costs as a service to the shooters and to make full refunds which will cost the association double fees and added administrative overhead if deposits are refunded only to be returned in 2021.

  1. Transfer your deposit to another NSSA Shoot. For Example the Masters, Mini or Main World Championships or an event at NSC.

  1. Your deposit can be refunded by check.

  • Those choosing option B or C are removed from their current position in registration. If attending in 2021 you will have to repeat the registration process and you will be placed behind any shooters who opt for option A. Currently, the event is at 62% of it’s maximum capacity. The Blue Rock club has a waiting list, Lincoln is only 1 away from capacity and 3 other clubs are 20 or less shooters from capacity.

  • Emails were sent to individual shooters. Shooters who share an NSSA email address only get one email. If you share a common email or did not receive an email please contact ISAdmin as shown below or by or by calling NSSA at 210.688.3371 EXT 269 to assist you with multiple shooters.

    All decisions and processes will be posted here on this page and distributed to all pre-registered shooters via their valid NSSA email address. Squad POCs are asked to communicate these processes with shooters on their squad who do not have a valid NSSA email address. If your email address on file with NSSA is incorrect and you wish to correct it, please contact ISAdmin via Clark.Hartness@iShoots.Org


    Since, February 19, 2020 11:00 AM registration is open for all remaining positions regardless of host club location on a first come/first served basis. From this date on, pre-registrations may be made either through online Registration or by calling NSSA at 210.688.3371 EXT 269

    Currently the only host club that has a waiting list is Blue Rock in North Little Rock, AR. If you are registered at any other host club on the roster listed HERE you will be shooting at that host club, unless you choose to shoot elsewhere.

    The wait-listed shooters at Blue Rock, or any other club that develops a wait-list, will be contacted, via email, as soon as possible to determine if they wish to remain on the wait-list at that club or move to second or third choice clubs.

    At the close of business on May 8, 2020 new online registrations will CLOSE at NSSAUSOPEN.COM and after May 8, 2020 only host clubs can and will register a shooter in the remaining space available at that host club. At this time the rotations at ALL host clubs will be set as clubs finalize the number of fields required for the event. Unless otherwise posted after May 8, 2020 the rotation schedule in the base program will be used.

    On June 1, 2020 Rotation assignments and event pre-entry form will be available at NSSAUSOPEN.COM.

    Deposit refunds end at the close of business on June 5, 2020 and deposits are credited to the shooters host club.