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What if I want to attend a shoot in Zone 4, but I reside in Zone 1?  Can I attend the shoot in a different zone?
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Initially, when determining the host club locations from the pool of interested clubs, NSSA considered two aspects: zone and driving distance for our members. The goal was to offer, wherever possible, a distance which could easily be driven in less than 8 hours. A radius* of 350 miles was used as a guide based on 4-Gun shooter density surrounding a club.  Therefore, a shooter may participate at a club in their Zone or a club within their radius. For example, Zone 7 only has one host club, Stockton, and a large geographic area that is sparsely populated with shooters in many areas.  Therefore, the eastern-most shooters in Zone 7 may well be closer to Zone 5 or Zone 6 clubs than they are to Stockton. Likewise, southern-most Zone 1 Shooters might very well wish to travel to closer Zone 2 Clubs, and western-most Zone 4 shooters might decide a club in Zone 6 is closer to them.

Note also that shooters are not limited to shooting at a club in their home Zone or the closest club, but this will depend on availability.  If host clubs outside their Zones/Radius have spaces available after the initial sign-up window, shooters will be allowed to pre-register at those clubs in the order that they pre-registered.

[*Radius represents a 350-mile distance from a participating host club, easily driveable in one day.]

Pre-registration will open on January 15, 2020 and the initial sign-up window will run until Feb.18. All pre-registrations in this initial period will only be accepted online at  All pre-registrations will be time-stamped by date of receipt and will be acknowledged by return e-mail.

Entry forms will be online and shooters will specify their location and rotation preference (3 prioritized choices). During this initial sign-up window, entries received with an out-of- “zone/radius” location specified as their first choice will be held until Feb. 19. This will allow in- “zone/radius” shooters to have priority at their closest club. In cases where squad members may reside in different “zones/radii”, that group will be squadded according to the home ”zone/radius” of the majority of the pre-registered shooters on that squad.  Squadding will begin starting February 19, 2020 based on date of receipt of pre-registration. NSSA will send confirmations by e-mail.

On Feb. 19, 2020, pre-registration and squadding will be opened up for all entries regardless of location on a first come/first served basis. From this date on, pre-registrations may be made either online at or by call in. Further details for the option to pre-register by phone will be available at

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