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As with some past iZone shoots, it happens inclement weather may affect a particular club and cause a delay in shooting (e.g. lightning). In the past this has delayed shoot offs and results at other clubs participating in the iZone.  

How might weather delays be handled in this iShoot US Open format? Will the results just be delayed, with a potential shoot of that particular gage going into the next day? Or just on a caee by case basis.
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Hi Twix2247,

Just as with any event, delays including weather such as thunderstorms/lightening are handled on a case by case basis at the club level and in coordination with overall shoot management.  Only the host club can make the timely call that unsafe conditions should halt shooting and when the threat has passed and shooting can resume.

With the ishoot format, shooting over a coast to coast event there is a potential to have a weather delay at one or even more host clubs.  This was one of the driving reasons to modify the date to the end of June to leverage the best possible weather conditions from coast to coast.

As was proven in 2019, by hurricane Dorian, during August - October there is a higher potential for tropical storms or even hurricanes effecting the East coast and Southeast/Gulf of Mexico host clubs.

As with any event, if a prolonged weather or other uncontrollable event, such as a power outage, makes it obvious that one or more club(s) cannot complete an event overall event management will work with those host club(s) to determine the best course of action for the event, to reschedule or cancel any or some portion of an event at the effected host club(s).

The bottom line is that these decisions have to be made on a case by case basis for each specific event at each host club and for the overall outcome of the event across all the clubs.

Thank You for your question!
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