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This FAQ is very useful and provides rapid answers to questions. However, it doesn't give a very good overview of the process and specific, detailed expectations for the host clubs vs the NSSA/central club. Will such a document (even a "living" version as new wrinkles are discovered) be provided? at what time can we expect this document?
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Hi hjduwe,

This is the conditions of participation agreement that outlines the responsibilities of of the shoot:

conditions of participation template

This outlines the responsibilities of the participants.


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I guess a little bit of both. I think it would be helpful to know what to expect from the host club's side in terms of what is known/expected in terms of financial procedures (important for us to do things like recruit/train/maintain qualified referees, plan our own fundraising activities, etc.), shoot-running procedures, etc. Some of these are unique to the US Open (I imagine), while others may be standard for iShoots in general. Not having participated in an iShoot before, I don't really know which category they fall into. It has been brought to my intention by other less tech-savy organizers at my club that the FAQ seems a bit like playing 20 questions to figure out the shape of the shoot rather. For them it would be nice to have a document to react to or ask questions based on. Maybe a written version of information presented at the meeting next Monday would suffice. But the idea would be a well-organized document that contains the pertinent information for host clubs or estimates of when that information will be decided on would be very welcome.
There is a CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION agreement that all the clubs will accept that outlines the responsibilities.
Ok. I see that attached to an e-mail. I think that provides at least a starting point. Thanks!
I have also edited my answer to include a link to the document.
I think the links that were presented in the meeting last night (e.g., iHELP, etc.) would be good to include in the answer since they cover the other aspects of the format.