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Are we going to have to wait for all sites to finish shooting to shootoff?
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Kolar US Open Multiple Time Zone Shoot-off procedures.

All shooters shooting scores of 100 or 99 in an event should expect to shoot-off.  For the first event of the day, the Overall event shoot-offs will be posted as soon as possible.  Host club administration can and should support the effort by breaking any ties at their clubs as they would do at any other event.  This is especially true for the second events of any day, and for the 410 Bore and HOA on the closing day.  In this way shoot-off long-runs are available if needed to break a tie from a later time zone and does not require the shooter in the earliest time zones to wait.

  1. Shoot-offs for each event will be scheduled by each host club following the completion of that event at that club and when fields become available. Host clubs having available fields should allow those fields to be used for shoot-offs especially on the final day of events to afford shooters the ability to shoot-off before the end of the day.
  2. Final shoot-off details in the master program posted at will be used by all clubs to ensure shoot-offs are conducted following the same procedures.
  3. Shooters who are involved in shoot-offs should report to the shoot-off field(s) as scheduled at their host club with two boxes of shells and proof shells.
  4. Shooters will shoot doubles on 3-4-5, NSSA rules, until they complete two rounds or until 3 misses in the first two rounds.
  5. Shooters who have not missed in the first two rounds will shoot until they complete the third and fourth rounds or until 2 misses through the third and fourth rounds.
  6. Shooters who have not missed in the first four rounds will shoot until they complete the fifth and sixth rounds or until they complete the round of their 1st  lost target of the fifth and sixth rounds.
  7. Host club management will coordinate with the overall event management to determine if shooters who are still straight after six rounds should continue until their 1st  lost target.
  8. Host clubs will submit pdf or image format scans of all shoot-off sheets to the Overall event administrator to validate entry of shoot-off long-runs.
  9. Host clubs will coordinate any additional site shoot-offs required to facilitate the use of those scores if needed by a later time zone.
  10. In the Overall event, any ties where ALL the shooters involved have not been posted as No-Show or have a long-run score, will be broken by long-run.
  11. Any shoot-offs of less than perfect scores that are missed or not otherwise broken will be broken by long-run.
  12. Any shoot-off long-run ties that are missed or not otherwise broken will be broken by coin flip.
  13. Shooters will be afforded a 10 minute break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds as well as the 4th and 5th rounds.
  14. The NSSA shoot admin will determine all additional shoot-offs that are required after all scores for the event have been posted and will notify the respective clubs to print off their shoot-off sheets for their location and have shooters shoot until all ties are broken.
  15. Clubs should post shoot-off long-runs at: as soon as possible to determine any shoot-off long-run ties that exist and the best opportunity to break those ties.  Host clubs will submit pdf or image format scans of all shoot-off sheets to the Overall event administrator to validate entry of shoot-off longruns.
  16. To expedite shoot-offs and avoid shooters having to shoot solo, Host clubs should combine shoot-offs by round where possible.  The use of pacing shooters is otherwise NOT permitted.
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Misses by station or target?
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As a shooter you should not have to wait at your club for all shoot-offs at all sites to be completed.  Each club will manage shoot-offs independently from the other clubs under the direction of the overall shoot manager and posting those shoot-off scores to the iShoot application as they are completed.

The process detailed above in the first answer reduces the likelihood that any two shooters at different clubs would miss the exact same three targets over the course of the first two boxes of an event shoot-off.  Each club will ensure all ties are broken at their club.

You as a shooter will shoot-off until missing the number of targets determined by which round your first miss is recorded and all ties you are involved in at your host club are broken.  Once you have done so you can use the online scoreboard to track the final results of the event.

Once all shoot-offs are complete at the Host club there is no reason to remain at the club until all shoot-offs are posted as you can check their status from anywhere with your hand-held device.
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